I Can't Decide (Whether you should live or die) - Elsian - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) [Archive of Our Own]


Author: Elsian

Rated: Explicit

Pairings: Erik/Charles

Length: 4,300

Summary: Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier are rival mob bosses, fighting for territory in New York.

But their relationship is so much more than that.

'Not Another Mob Boss Au'

Rec notes: Yes indeed, another Mob AU! Though this time around Charles and Erik are both mob bosses.This fic is short but there is a plot and it makes for a fast but good read. There’s a tiny bit of angst but it is more of a hurt and comfort fic, with a dash of fluff and smidge of gunshots. 

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snapchats from agent maria hill

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I am so irrationally angry right now. 

I need a loud violent video game.

or a lot of bricks and some windows

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[ 6 : 2 4 P M ]  < o >

"let’s go home"


[ 6 : 2 4 P M ]  < o >

"let’s go home"

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X cherik

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fightingfortheusers said:

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

shops for groceries- Edward has servants for that, but sometimes he likes to mooch the market place. Tom goes with him occasionally to complain about deciding to go with him
kills the spiders - Edward, mostly because if he didn’t Tom would let the from small principalities on the books he leaves lying around in the library
comes home drunk at 3am - Tom. Edward has only ever done it once. It was unpleasant.
makes breakfast - Tom is surprisingly handy in the kitchen. He also learnt how to make croissants just for Adele.
remembers to feed the fish fox - Mangy tends to feed himself, often and without permission, but Edward sneaks him beef when no-one is looking
decorates the apartment - "You should update!" "Thornfield has looked like this since my grandfather was a child, you will not touch anything
initiates duets - Tom tries. Edward just gives him blank stares so Tom simply gets louder to compensate.
falls asleep first - Tom, though it’s more often passing out rather than sleeping. Edward likes to read at night

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X cherik

Kat knows me, man

 Beastly Spud: be sincere not a piece a shit

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kingfancypantsthethird said:

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

shops for groceries - Erik. Everything Charles buys is unneccessarily expensive and pointless. He doesn’t care if they can afford it, they don’t need the £100 bottle of wine.
kills the spiders - Charles. Erik says he’s fine with them where they are (he doesn’t like touching their legs)
comes home drunk at 3am - Both of them. Erik’s usually hefting Charles along, but it’s a struggle. They compete, every time.
makes breakfast - Charles keeps trying. Erik fixes the mess
remembers to feed the fish - Charles. Erik doesn’t understand why they need fish except in the freezer.
decorates the apartment - Erik. See grocery shopping reasons. ” Ikea IS acceptable!”
initiates duets - Charles, usually drunk at 3am when Erik will actually join in, rather enthusiastically too
falls asleep first - Erik. He’s a light sleeper, but can sleep anywhere. Charles needs everyone else to switch off before he can even contemplate sleep

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • shops for groceries
  • kills the spiders
  • comes home drunk at 3am
  • makes breakfast
  • remembers to feed the fish
  • decorates the apartment
  • initiates duets
  • falls asleep first
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